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Over 100 years ago when you started a business, you put your name on it. Dr. A. C. Daniels did just that in 1878. His business evolved from mixing up formulas in the back of his buggy and leaving a quantity of product with the owner of his patient.

The products worked so well people wanted to keep a supply of them on hand in their barns. Thus began the Dr. A. C. Daniels Company. He opened his first shop at 75 West Brookline Street in Boston growing and moving until he settled at 172-174 Milk Street and 87 Central Streets in 1904. His product line included products for Horses, Dogs, Sheep and Cows with Poultry and Cats added as time went along.

Dr Daniels

After the turn of the Century and automobiles popularity came into being, Dr. Daniels introduced the gray flannel mouse and refillable wooden cat balls as toys for the felines. A box of Summit Brand Catnip leaves and tops was then added for the cat's pleasure. Dr. Daniels' was the first to market catnip and catnip toys to the household cat. Each toy was 100% filled with catnip. Now, over a hundred years later, the toys are still manufactured the same way.

Charles C. Rogers and Nellie Kidder purchased and Incorporated the business in 1914. It was then owned by the Rogers' family until 1954 when Henry Van Baay purchased the business and real estate. Dr. Donald W. Hey purchased the product line in 1959 and moved the business to it's current location in Webster, MA

Today the products are very similar to original formulas and packaging has changed with the compliance to the FDA. With the coming of 2 family incomes and more house pets, our feline toys have grown and products for cows, sheep and poultry have declined.


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Dr. A.C. Daniels used his face and signature on all of his products and advertising until the 1960's. He was very heavy into promotional items such as thermometers, medicine cabinets, first aid kits, calendars, etc. If found, these are valuable collector items today. Even old product tins and bottles are found in many bottle collections across the United States.

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